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If you have found yourself charged with a criminal offence, Mitchell & Co. Lawyers are here to support and guide you through what can be an emotional and difficult time. We are available to appear for you in any NSW or interstate court. 
We are accomplished defence lawyers and experts in our field. Rest assured that there is no matter too small or too large for us to deal with. 
Call us 24/7 to engage Lawyers that will listen to you and build the best defence available. Alternatively, we will give you professional advice in circumstances whereby a plea of guilty (or a plea negotiation) is the best alternative to you running an unnecessary defence. 
Our aim is to provide you with a service which allows you to make informed decisions based on expert advice, and achieve outcomes which will make all the difference to your future, and which will have you referring us to your friends and or associates in their times of need in the future, should they arise.  
Drug Related Offences 
Being charged with a drug offence doesn't need to be a daunting and  stressful time for you.

Its vital that you have Sydney's best drug defence lawyers on your side . We are here to relieve your burden and ensure you get the best outcome.

Our specialist knowledge of drug related laws, combined with our 20 years of courtroom experience, enables us to consistently achieve outstanding results in drugs cases whatever the situation.

So whether you are charged with a small amount of drugs at a festival  or charged with a large scale commercial importation, speak to Sydney's expert drug lawyers, who know how to protect your future and support you through your court proceedings.

Bail Applications

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, the presumption is that you are innocent until you are proven guilty in a court of law. As a result, you have a right to be free until a Court determines whether you are guilty. However there are some situations where you might be kept in custody until you are required to appear in Court to face your charges. 

Being refused bail can be a stressful time for you and your loved ones and it is vital that you reach out for expert help to assist you in making a bail application.

Criminal Assest RecoveryProceedings

If you have been suspected to have been involved in a serious crime or convicted if a serious crime, there are certain circumstances where you can be forced to forfeit your money or assist to law enforcement agencies.

This can be a complex process and you need to have legal representation as soon as possible to protect your rights.

Fraud / White Collar Crime

If you have been charged with Obtaining a Benefit by Deception, this is commonly known as fraud. Fraud charges can be serious, depending on the extent of the fraud, and how long it went on for.

Being charged with fraud can affect your ability to work, travel and obtain financial assistance in the future.

Certain provisions of the Corporations Act also create criminal offences in relation to how people deal with certain financial products and entities.  These offences are collectively referred to as insider trading offices.

If you find yourself charged with any of these offences, having an expert in both criminal and commercial law is an invaluable asset.  Our principal, Gerard Mitchell, has both a law and commerce degree, which gives him insight into these offences and cases like few others in the country.

The whole process from charging to court appearances, can be an extremely stressful time for you and your loved ones, so it is vital that you reach out for expert help to assist you in knowing your rights and to guide you through your future prceedings.

Assault Charges

Have you been charged with an assault? There are various assault charges we may assist you with:

Assault Police

Common Assault

Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm

Recklessly Cause Grievous Bodily Harm & Reckless Wounding

Cause Grievoius Bodily Harm with Intent & Wounding with Intent

We have many years of experience defending Assault cases and we have a proven track record of achieving great results.

Murder & Manslaughter


If you have been charged with a serious criminal offence of Murder or Manslaughter, it is imperative that you contact us immediately to discuss your prospects of defending the charge(s) and the best plans for the future conduct of your matter. 

There are two forms of manslaughter in NSW:

1. Voluntary Manslaughter – A person’s culpability will be reduced to manslaughter where the act is a voluntary act sufficient to constitute murder but a defence to murder is established such as excessive self-defence, intoxication, substantial abnormality of the mind or provocation.

2. Involuntary Manslaughter – Where there is no intention to cause the death of the victim, but there is conduct by the accused which fits into one of the following categories: a) An unlawful and dangerous act carrying with it an appreciable risk of serious injury; or b) Criminal negligence, with a high risk that death or grievous bodily harm will follow.

These are obviously serious charges and the only person you should speak to is an experienced and diligent criminal law specialist. These charges require the highest level of detailed examination of evidence, and we have extensive courtroom experience in these matters. Our criminal lawyers will vigilantly defend your case to obtain the best possible result. We will be there every step of the way with you, from bail applications, committal hearings and advising you on possible defences at trial.

Armed Robbery 


Robbery is similar to the offence of stealing/larceny however, it is considered a more serious criminal offence as it also involves an assault on a person. There are different forms of robbery under the Crimes Act including

1. Robbery or stealing from the person

2. Aggravated robbery

3. Aggravated robbery with wounding

4. Armed robbery, or robbery in company

5. Armed robbery or robbery in company resulting in wounding 

If you have been charged with one of these offences, contact Mitchell & Co. Lawyers, as you will need experienced criminal lawyers advising you from the earliest point in your proceedings, in order to secure the best result..

Malicious Damage

Have you been charged with a 'Destroy or damage property offence? 


Our experienced criminal lawyers will advise you of your rights and the prospects of successfully defending charges brought against you.

Malicious Damage charges have the potential to result in you receiving a criminal record, as well as various other impediments to your personal and financial freedom.  

Instructing the right lawyer is central to getting the best result, and her at Mitchel & Co. Lawyers, we have the experience and history of past results to increase your prospects of the best possible outcome in your circumstances.​


Domestic violence can include physical, verbal and emotional abuse. It can also be stalking, harassing and intimidating a person with the intent to harm. Apprehended violence orders (AVOs) may be issued to a person in need of protection from such behaviour.


There are two types of AVO's;

1. Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) where there is a domestic or family relationship between the two parties. If you have had and ADVO imposed on you, it can affect your ability to have any contact with your loved ones.

2. Apprehended Personal Violence Order  (AVPO) where there is no domestic or family relationship between the parties.

Speak to us if you have been issued with an AVO of any type.  Similarly, we can provide advice if you are seeking an AVO. We can help you with this process which can often be charged with emotions. We will support and guide you so we can achieve the best possible result.

Break & Enter

If you have been charged with Break & Enter, it is extremely important that you know your rights, and speak to a Criminal Defence Lawyer immediately.


We have many years of experience defending Break & Enter cases In NSW and a proven track record in achieving outstanding results via plea negotiation and sentencing.

Firearm Offences


NSW has many laws regulating the possession and use of firearms, and breaking them can see you charged with serious offences. If you’ve been charged with a firearms related offence, engaging Mitchell & Co. Lawyers to defend your case can significantly reduce your chance of being convicted and/or serving gaol time.


Stealing / Larceny

If you have been charged with shoplifting this is the most common example of stealing. These cases can be defended or, even with a plea of guilty, the charge(s) could be dismissed with our expert representation in Court.

If you’ve been charged with a Larceny related offence, engaging Mitchel & Co. Lawyers to defend your case can significantly increase your chances of obtaining a positive outcome, and reduce your chances of a life affecting convction or sentence.